Iftitah Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd is representing exclusively the world leading Manufacturers throughout Malaysia, Brunei & Singapore

8853 S.p.A., ITALY (Platinum Crucibles for Organic & Inorganic Analysis)

arrowtechARROW-TECH INC, USA (Surveymeter Monitor 4, Inspector Alert, Area Monitoring Devices, Direct Reading Dosimeter, Dosimeter Charger).

theraBEST THERATRONICS LTD, CANADA (X-Ray Blood Irradiator, Gamma Blood Irradiator, Research Irradiator, External Beam Tele-therapy, Radiation Therapy and accessories)

bioponteBIOPOINTE SCIENTIFIC, USA (Pipette Tips, PCR Strips, PCR Tubes, Deep well Plates, Microcentrifuge Tubes)

boeco]BOECKEL + CO. (GMBH + CO.) KG, GERMANY (Liquid Handling, Laboratory Equipment, Optical Instrument, Laboratory Glassware, Laboratory Plasticware, Laboratory Filter Paper)

elwafaEL-WAFA EGYPTION INDUSTRIES LTD., EGYPT (Women Socks, Arm Socks, Men Socks, Women Accessories)

evermeEVERMED, ITALY (Refrigerators, Upright Freezer, Chest Freezers, 2 Temperature, Incubator, Ice Maker, Mortuary Freezer, Autopsy Equipment, Refrigerating Chambers)

MEDICA CORPORATION, USA (Electrolytes Analyzer, Lithium Analyzer, Blood Gases Analyzer, Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, Hematology Imaging System)

radtagRADTAG TECHNOLOGIES, CANADA (Blood Irradiation Verification and Insect Sterilization Verification)

xemaXEMA CO. LTD, RUSSIA (Clinical Diagnostics, ELISA Kits, Veterinary Testing and Food Control)