Iftitah Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd is representing exclusively the world leading Manufacturers throughout Malaysia, Brunei & Singapore

acssysACOUSTIC CONTROL SYSTEMS, LTD., RUSSIA (Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Tomographical System and EMA Thickness Gauge).

arrowtechARROW-TECH INC, USA (Surveymeter Monitor 4, Inspector Alert, Area Monitoring Devices, Direct Reading Dosimeter, Dosimeter Charger).

auroraAURORA INSTRUMENT, CANADA (Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer, Microwave Digestion System, Spectro photometers, Lab Automation and Water Purification System).

theraBEST THERATRONICS LTD, CANADA (Blood & Research Irradiator, External Beam Tele-therapy, Radiation Therapy and accessories)

bioer-technologyBIOER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, CHINA ( Real-time PCR, PCR, Chemilumines cence Detection System, Mixer, PCR Detection Reagents – HBV, HCV, HCMV, TB & E.Sakazakii, Molecular Biology, DNA Marker, Taq Polymerase)

bioponteBIOPOINTE SCIENTIFIC, USA (Pipette Tips, PCR Strips, PCR Tubes, Deep well Plates, Microcentrifuge Tubes)

boeco]BOECKEL + CO. (GMBH + CO.) KG, GERMANY (Liquid Handling, Laboratory Equipment, Optical Instrument, Laboratory Glassware, Laboratory Plasticware, Laboratory Filter Paper)

Boule_Blue_240pxwidth_webbBOULE MEDICAL AB., SWEDEN (3-Parts Hematology Analyser and 5-Parts Hematology Analyser)

cecilCECIL INSTRUMENTS, UK (HPLC systems, Ion Chromatography systems and UV / Visible Spectrophotometers)

cgmCGM, ITALY (Magnetic Particle Inspection, Penetrant)

controlxCONTROL-X MEDICAL INC. (USA) (Digital X-Ray, Analogue X-Ray –Film & CR, Veterinary X-Ray)

DENLINE-UNIFORMDENLINE UNIFORM INC., USA (Personal Protective Apparel (PPE) – Reusable & Disposable Lab Coats up to 8 years Warranty)

elwafaEL-WAFA EGYPTION INDUSTRIES LTD., EGYPT (Women Socks, Arm Socks, Men Socks, Women Accessories)

evermeEVERMED, ITALY (Refrigerators, Upright Freezer, Chest Freezers, 2 Temperature, Incubator, Ice Maker, Mortuary Freezer, Autopsy Equipment, Refrigerating Chambers)

fasterFASTER S.R.L, ITALY (Microbiological Safety Cabinet, Laminar AirFlow, Chemical Fume Hood, Isolators)

wbjWB JOHNSON INSTRUMENT, USA (Radiation Detection Instrument – Digital and Analog Survey Meter)

hainHAIN LIFESCIENCE UK LTD, UK (Real Time PCR, Thermal Cyclers (Thermo Cycler) and Thermal Cycler validation products)

idbhollandIDB HOLLAND BV, NETHERLANDS (Sr-82/Rb82 Generator, Lu-177 Trichloride, Gallium-68 Generator, Radiopharmaceuticals, Sources for nuclear Medicine, Sources for PET-CT and radio Chemicals)

onnomedINNOMED MEDICAL INC., HUNGARY (Echocardiography –ECG, Defibrillator, Patient Monitor, Digital X-Ray System, Mobile X-Ray System)

medlineMEDLINE SCIENTIFIC, UK (Liquid Handling, Laboratory Equipment, Optical Instrument, Laboratory Glassware, Laboratory Plasticware, Laboratory Filter Paper)

xemaXEMA CO. LTD, RUSSIA (Clinical Diagnostics, ELISA Kits, Veterinary Testing and Food Control)

teinSOFTA CORPORATION, USA (Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors)

ultrawaveULTRAWAVE LTD., UK (Laboratory Ultrasonics Cleaner, Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner)

gammasonicGAMMASONICS INSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL RESEARCH PTY LTD, AUSTRALIA (Research and design utilizing technology in the areas of radiation protection, measurement and detection)

nanoNANOLYTIK, GERMANY (Freezers, Rotary Microtome, Spectrophotometers, Multi plate Reader)

ntpNTP Radioisotopes (Europe) S.A, Belgium (Iridium Gamma Projector, Selenium Gamma Projector, Cobalt Gamma Projector, Radioactive Sources)

radtagRADTAG TECHNOLOGIES, CANADA (Blood Irradiation Verification and Insect Sterilization Verification)

seinternationalS.E INTERNATIONAL INC., USA (Radiation Survey Meter – Model Inspector, Monitor 4, Pen Dosimeter & Charger)

stedchikSHP STERILTECHNIK AG, GERMANY (Autoclave and Magnetic Stirrer)